PCOCC Cable is it worth it in the long term?

I know this is a nebulous question but I am toying with the idea of buying a full roll of this cable because it sounds like once this stuff is gone, there will only be higher cost alternatives. Kind of like buying wine when it is new and aging it myself.

So what is the verdict, is this speaker cable really worth it? Will it only get more expensive in the future?

once this stuff is gone, there will only be higher cost alternatives
Where did you hear this? There are many manufacturers selling PCOCC hook-up wire, and both Furutech and Neotech sell both bulk cables and hook-up wire made from OCC copper .

To your question, "is is worth it" there are many variables related to wires (stranded, solid, covering), and many variables related to cable making, but the PCOCC wire itself is thought to be a superior alternative to OFC. If you want specific answers, you might indicate what you are going to do with the "full roll" of wire; whether you have any experience with cable making; if the wire you are considering is stranded or solid core, and what gauge; if you plan to use the wire for IC's, speaker cables and/or power cords; whether you have considered bulk cable vs. hook-up wire, and if you plan to sell your cables for profit or simply use them for your own system?

Unless there is something going on in the wire market I haven't heard about, I wouldn't rush into a purchase because of a concern about a price increase. Partsconnexion and Sonic Craft both just wrapped up 20 percent off sales - and they will have more.
IF the cable has Teflon insulation it might be worth buying now. Teflon has ggone up in price a LOT. And does not look to ever go down, as it is hard to make in an environmentally safe way. I bought 100ft of a Belden teflon coax (top reccomendation from several folks for homemade interconnects) a few years ago for that reason. Since i bought it, the price has MORE than doubled. And is near impossible to buy in less than 500 ft rolls anymore.
And I bought a couple dozen RCA, Vampire style for half price at another sale..
So in general, if you have a source, and a good price, and are interested.. go for it
Thanks everyone for all your comments