PCM to DSD Anyone doing this?

"One spippet shared by Gus Skinas, who is still strongly associated with the SACD medium, is that DSD recordings made on the increasingly common devices from Korg and other manufacturers can be burned on to DVD-R blanks to produce discs that play on a Sony PS3 (both generations) and Sony's new 5400 SACD player. These can't be called "SACDs" as they lack the physical watermark and the DRM restrictions that are required by the SACD license. But the DSD Disc, as it is called, is a legitimate hi-rez format"
The above quote is from the RMAF show by Absolute Sound Magazine. I am wondering if I buy the high resolution tracks from HD Tracks which come in AIFF or Flac files could be converted to DSD and burned with my laptop to DVD-R as mentioned above. I have a Sony SCD-XA5400ES coming and it seems to me that instead of buying an outboard DAC with all the required technology like jitter reduction and hi res dac's I could just burn the disc's and play in my SACD player, Thoughts anyone?
Well, virtually everybody who reads these forums is doing this - the generic conversion process from PCM to DSD is that of a sigma-delta (a.k.a. delta-sigma) modulator, and there are very, very few DAC ICs available anymore that don't use this process. And like anything, there are endless variations and methodologies to the process, with myriad pros and cons. See:
Since virtually all modern ADCs use 1-bit conversion, which is then converted to PCM via sigma-delta modulation . . . the difference between SACD and a PCM format like CD or DVD-Audio is that it's capabable of recording the information before the modulation. (Though I'm skeptical of how often this actually happens in the real-world recording/mastering chain.) Either way, DSD or PCM . . . the information stored is mathematically related, and neither represents fundamentally more or less information than the other . . . just different.

But when you're starting with a PCM source, then converting them to DSD discs . . . all you're doing is choosing a different point in the chain in which to make the conversion process, and the technical difference between doing it this way or simply sticking the CD in your player will be the difference in the way the player's hardware does the conversion process, or the way your computer's software does it. That is, unless one of the two actually does some conversion that you're not aware of (like i.e. the player actually converting all DSD material to PCM for decoding) . . . in which case you're probably going to make things worse.
Kirkus, thanks for your responce, I have done further research and it seems that I would need to buy a audio software program to convert the downloaded HD tracks, or in the case of RR HRX discs which come in WAV files to DSD then burn them to DVD discs to play on my SACD player. I have not looked at any specific software yet, I do not want to spend alot of money to do this, I was trying to avoid using the computer as a hard drive and sending it out to a DAC (which I do not have) and playing the tracks on my system. Based on the above quote the Sony will play these converted/burned discs.
The only software that will burn a DSD disc is the AudioGate software that you get with the Korg units. The Tascams will burn a UDF disc. The Weiss Saracon software can upsample the PCM to DSD also.
I will have to say that DSD ripped from a SACD that is burned to a DSD disc sounds awesome!
well it looks like I need to get the Korg or the Weiss software. You say that you copy a SACD with this software and burna DSD/DVD disc and it sound better than the original? Interesting. Incredible studio by the way