PCM or Analog output?

Hello I have a Toshiba 9200 running two channel playback and it seems like the PCM was a little softer or smoother sounding than the analog output. From reading the manual it seemed putting it in the analog output stage in the setup window would be the proper thing to do?
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What are you feeding the PCM output into?
Hello Arni, just running stereo rca out to a VTL IT-85. No digital cables.
I still don't understand your question, PCM vs Analog: One would assume, as PCM is a format of a digital signal (e.g., DVD players setup menu gives you the option of PCM or Bitstream Digital out) that you are comparing the digital out vs analog out on your Toshiba DVD player... "PCM was a little smoother than the analog output." If you have the 9200 only connected with your stereo via analog interconnects, the setting you are referring to may have to do with decoding internally of DVDs???? or just the digtal out, and might not affect analog output at all...