PCD302 Superb Conditioner from JMF Audio

Dear Music Colleagues,

I hope you are well. So I am passioned like all of us by listening music at home. I searched for a very long time (around 5 years of tests) and I wish to share with you my experience. Do you know JMF Audio ? French Manufacturer of very good hi-fi devices. I purchased them last year their superb preamp PSR1.5 (compared against AudioResearch, Boulder, Mark Levinson) and find it really more musical.
After I tasted their passive conditionner (very important in my opinion to take a passive one) and when I introduced it in my system at the beginning of the year, my music became magic... more quiet, more détails...
Recently JMF Audio offered me to upgrade in their latest version and from my experience, this upgrade is the most power upgrade ever made in my system. As usual the quality of the electric power is SO IMPORTANT and most of the time neglicted by all of us... Before buying a lot of expensive cable, I strongly advice you to test this PCD302 piece of Equipment. Feel free to request me any question.
Interesting - barely a week goes by that I don't learn of a
high-end company I've never heard of before in my 40 years in
this hobby. Looks like very nice stuff, but I disagree that AC
power is neglected by most of us. I think most people here
with any type of a decent system have either dedicated power
lines and/or some type of power conditioning. I like the
Audience products myself, as they sound excellent and the
company offers some of the best customer service I've seen.
One thing I have found is that a bad power conditioner can
really screw up a system, so it's important to buy something
good or leave it alone. Is JMF available in the US?
I have the PCD302 . It's especially impressive in my friend system with trinity monoblock plugged into it . Have the opportunity to listen to full JMF audio system at Munich 2015 Hifideluxe . I impressive built quality at reasonable price ( not exactly cheap ) compared to most high end product . They have just launched a blu Ray audio transport . Sounded v impressive to my ears .
Read up Rey Audio which manufacture high end studio monitor & the fact that Kinoshita uses JMF Audio pre & DAC tells me they are not fly by night co
Just yesterday we compare side by side PCD302 with Torus flagship AVR90 BAL.
PCD302  sounds a lot better. It makes Torus sounds fuzzy .
Actually Torus was one of the best line conditioner ever had .
Previously had Shunyata Hydra ,  Burmester , Nordost Thor & Isotek .
Interesting cantonguy. I would appreciate if you elaborate in more detail the sonic improvements JMf PCD302 brought to your system. In which parameters is it better than the listed competition? Have you connected the whole system and which power amps do you use?
Hi Marcus6 , the difference almost same as upgrade same cd player or preamp from $ 5000 to $ 10000 , you know what i mean . Usually i don’t like to connect power amp to power conditioner because i always feel dynamic become restricted , even most of peoples said it’s more refine .
But when plug into JMF , not restricted at all . It’s cleaner presentation , soundstage wider and deeper than any other else , tonally & details is much better . I could not find any weakness . Anyway i tried with JMF preamp & power amp as well . They replace previous system : FM Acoustics FM-255 mk 2 & Soulution 710 . Now waiting for the dac coming . For driving Magico Q3 .
Thanks for your reply. My experiences are similar to yours regarding dynamics. All filters or conditioners or regenerators I tried had negative effect on it. Looks like JMf shoved that problem...
Does anyone know the list/retail price of the PCD302?