PCB boards

Looking for a main PCB circuit board for a Fluance RT80 turntable 

any suggestions???
It's a $200 turntable it's probably a throwaway if it's broken. Maybe you can find one on eBay and use it for parts.
I get it and understand. But hate to see it in the trash just trying to salvage it.  Already  been looking on eBay, oak tree, reverb ...etc.  no luck just seeing if anyone has other avenues.

thanks for your reply!

Well have you tried the obvious, call Fluance?

If you strike out there- Table that cheap, they probably use some off the shelf power supply circuit for the motor. Many circuit boards have identifiers printed on them somewhere. Look around see what you can find, do a search. I have done this with other stuff, my most heroic effort being to save a $200 Cuisinart coffee maker by finding a 99 cent plastic part on-line. 

Then if you still can't find it, basically all that thing does anyway is power the motor. So look at the motor. AC or DC? Any identifiers on the motor? Same process. Then once you know the motor, well all it needs is power. Could be your answer is as simple as hook it up to a DC wall wart, maybe with a trim pot or something. Probably more to it than that. Point is, there is a process. You work your way through the process. 

Why? Because that way you get something out of it. What you learn on this applies to everything. You can pay $150 for a part to fix a $50 turntable and learn nothing, or you can figure out how to fix this and acquire thousands of dollars worth of practical skills and knowledge.

This is what people miss when they say throw it in the dumpster. Ignore such people. You will get nowhere following them. You want to save it, save it. Totally worthwhile project. It all depends on how you look at it.