PC .wav player/indexer?

I've got a server with about 600 GB of music ripped to it--all in .wav and ripped with EAC. I connect to the server with a Mac Mini running iTunes in my living room and with an XP Box running MusicMatch in my home office. In both cases, the .wav files are spit out to Waveterminal U24s via USB and then run into separate stand alone DACs. The sound is remarkable.

Now for convenience. Since the files were ripped with EAC, I was able to arrange them all into a directory structure that is Server\Artist\Album\Song.wav, but .wav files have no inherent tagging. In the iTunes environment, I was able to download a sweet little AppleScript routine that parses the file name into the song Artist and Album fields if you use a consistent directory structure. Very handy, and now all the iTunes songs are indexable by Artist or Album. Problem is that I can't seem to get MusicMatch to do that. Anyone know of any player (foobar?) or anything that will allow me the convenience of indexing in that manner? Am I relegated to digging out my Visual Studio manuals and doing this myself?

Looks to me like EAC will do the tagging - at least Title, Album, Artist, Year, and Genre...

Unfortunately, .wav files have no standardized tagging built into the file structure. So, even if EAC will recognize EAC tags, when you "import" the files into MM, MM won't see anything but the filename. Frustrating, because the bloody info is in the filename!
I think foobar supports/allows tagging of wav files but it recommends against it since other players may have problems reading the files.
I think, for a number of reasons, I'm going to try foobar. I'm not sure I care that much about compatibility, although it would be great if the audiotrons could see the tags. I just don't wanna type 'em all in, and I hear there are some extensions for foobar that might do what I need.