PC vs streamer

Today i have a HP laptop feeding my Mcintosh C2600 with audioquest usb cable. But in a other thred a saw that PCs are a bad source of music. 

I only use spotify and tidal.

Is it possible to make the PC a good source for music or do i have to get a streamer? And if what streamer should i get?
If you stream via USB to a modern DAC, that's a pretty good source, especially if you are careful about using direct audio and not the PC's volume control.
The usual culprit however is the power supply, especially laptops. You cant to keep them as far from your audio gear as you can. Here are some tips:

If you use a Digital-to-digital converter (ex Ethernet-2-USB converter) you can mitigate the noise of the computer (also assuming computer fan is quiet). I use a product from the innovators of this category called a Sonare microRendu, there are now many copycats in this segment.


Now I have not done this second suggestion yet but it will happen depending on the next DAC I get. If I get a USB input DAC and not a fibre optic input (ex Lumin T2) I will buy a Sonare SystemOptique fibre optic system ($700). This idea behind this is to eliminate the audible noise in the Ethernet cable. A fibre optic cable cannot have noise so if you convert to fibre then you eliminate most of the noise. I say most because you have to convert back to USB if your DAC requires this type of input. Though this noise should be significantly lower than before the Ethernet-2-Fibre conversion via the SystemOptique.

The third option I have in mind and is the most expensive is to use a Lumin X1 DAC which contains both a USB and fibre optic input. In this 3rd case, I am interested only in the fibre optic input. There are a few approaches on how to do this. I am thinking of spending about $100 and buying an Enterprise class network switch that contains Fibre Optic output. Then spend a few dollars to (under $50) to buy a Fibre Optic cable to input directly into the Lumin X1 DAC. This is supposed o be the BEST way to get the computer bits from the network into the DAC. I have a feeling more DACs will have a Fibre Optic input in the future.

I have mentioned the Lumin DACs (option 2 and 3) as an example because they support USB and Fibre Optic  inputs and are also ROON READY. I have a lifetime membership to ROON audio software client. This can play the audio files (mine are in FLAC format) stored on your computer and it is also integrated with subscription music services such as TIDAL and QUBUZ.

The Sonare RENDU line is also ROON READY so you can use the first option (what I currently use for 5 years) and stream from your computer via ROON to your DAC.

Oh, almost forgot. How about using a Bluetooth streamer??

The little Fiio BTR3 is one of the best sounding headphone amps I've ever heard. Add a USB-C power supply and adapter cable:

Is a Lumin U1 a good choice connectet to the mcintosh D1100 or is the Lumin T2 better, i will still use the dac in D1100