PC upgrade for Rega Aria?

Running the Aria with a RP8 and Apheta 2 cart. Wondering what folks have experienced upgrading from the Aria's stock power cord. I'm not looking to spend the equivalent of the component, but I've got flexibility in price range if you've found something impressive. Thanks!
For my VPI Prime, I purchased an Audio Art AC3 power cord.  I purchased the one with the Watt Gate connectors for 150.00 but you can spend a little more for some different Furutech connectors.
Thanks, stereo5, that's helpful. What was the sonic upshot of your PC? What did you notice?

I noticed absolutely nothing.  After all, it's only powering the motor.  You would probably gain more by getting one of the motor controllers.  The cord does look nice in my system though:)

Back when I was using a PS Audio Nuwave Phono I used an AQ NRG5 that I had lying around. Sounded pretty good I would recommend a budget cord first. 
@jazztherapist - I have had good results upgrading the power cable to my Simaudio Moon LP5.3 phono stage, which looks to be of a similar level of performance to the Aria.

However - to get any really discernible benefit I did have to use a very good quality power cable.

I have found that power cords make more of a difference when attached to more modestly price components.

In my case the Moon is in the middle of my component price/quality structure.

My amp, the most expensive component,  provided the least improvements in sound quality and my Bluesound Node2, being the lease expensive components, provided the biggest improvements

I would take a look at Nordost offerings for commercially available products.

If you are into DIY I would take a look at this PC

It is one of the best power cables I have ever used and I have found it provides improvements over many commercially available products  significantly higher in price

Good luck with your quest - Steve