PC toDAC Connection

Hi, Can anyone tell me if i can connect PC to my Krell 30i
cd player. The cd player has coax,optical and AES/EBU inputs.
Is it possible to connect these units since they are 25feet apart and which way is best to go?
Thanks in advance for your info.
Look for something like the Behringer UCA-202 (it's a USB/Digital audio adaptor).
M-audio Transit is another option $80

Digital audio in/out to your pc
Purchase a LynxStudio PCI card; has all the outputs on it you'll need to connect to any DAC
For a 25 foot run I'd use a good Toslink.
Thanks all of you for your advice. Where can i buy such a long cable and how much would it cost?
B & H Photo may have it. Can't help the price ranges. Their tech support is usually very helpful. With newer technology, I ask for someone who knows about a specific application, first. They may offer you further options, too.

www.computeraudiophile.com may help.
amazon has 25' digital optical cables for as little as $15; accessories4less and mycablemart should also have 'em. any well made cable should do the trick for you.