PC to Tube Pre/Amp

I've been using a Linksys Music Bridge to transfer the signal from tunes playing through WinAmp between a PC hardrive and an Audio Research tube pre-amp.

Worked great for about two years and now the Music Bridge will not connect to the PC. Tried uninstall-reinstall and everything else and even Linksys admits the Music Bridge wasn't their best product(my wife works there so it OK to say that). The have a new Media Hub coming out but it's much more capability and modification than I want.

Just looking for a simple digital method to connect my Toshiba PC to the Pre-amp input and play lossless music through Winamp from the hardrive.

Thanks for any insight.
You might want to check out a Squeezebox or Sonos system. They will be easier to use and better quality.

Also, if you really want to get digital files to sound extremely good, get a DAC. It doesn't have to be expensive. A lossless or uncompressed file sounds exceptional through a good DAC. I've been around several "world class" CD Players, and a computer can make a very good "transport", if done correctly.
Thanks Timberpitch. Do you recommend a good and inexpensive DAC? I was quite happy with the sound from the Music Bridge as I don't believe it lowered the fidelity of the files, just played them as is and the Pre did the conditioning.
What price range are you looking at?
The Music Bridge cost $89. I know DAC's can go for thousands but I don't need that level of capability or audiophileness.

Maybe $200-400 new or used. Otherwise I would seek another method.

Thanks for the assistance.