Pc to DAC Configuration

Hello all,
Presently, my DAC is located next to my IMac Pc.From there I'm running 30'
inter connect cable to the preamp which is residing on the main audio rack.
My question is: Would it be sonically beneficial to move the DAC back to main rig , so I can use my high end audio cable and thus eliminate r f distortion
that's associated with such long runs?
My proposed configuration would be: IMac>12' USB>Bel Canto 24/96 USB Link>12'S/PDIF>DAC.
Will this configuration be better than my current set up?
Thanks all of you for your response.

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Transparent is now saying that their new USB cable can be used over lengths exceeding what is normally the maximum for USB devices. (This is possible because in audio the send-ack protocol for block mode transfers doesn't happen.) It's also not crazy expensive like some Transparent cables.

The was a recent Positive Feedback Online report on a number of USB to SPDIF adapters, several of which were async. (I'll also note that Steve N., who posted above sells one. I don't currently own any of Steve's products, but his products have an excellent reputation. Also note that Wavelength has a async USB to SPDIF converter now, too.)

If I was in your shoes, I think I would try running USB the entire distance from your computer to your other gear. The USB would go into an async converter that was right at the DAC. (The Audiophilleo converter is especially interesting because it is small and light enough to be connected directly to your DAC's SPDIF in, with no cable. But in any case, you could use a very short SPDIF cable.) Then use good quality 1-meter interconnects from the DAC to your preamp or amp.
I have the Starlight. I think it is a good cable, and has been very well reviewed by a number of users. I can't say that it made a big difference in my system -- but I have an async DAC, and the cable may not be as important as it is with other DACS. Also, my cable is fairly short, so you may notice a bigger difference among cables.

I'm sure the Transparent is very good, too. I might have gone that route, but frankly it was a lot easier to buy the Wireworld cable than to deal with a Transparent dealer, so I went with the Starlight.
Just a little update: My Mac Mini died (being repaired now), so I'm running a 15 ft. el-cheapo USB cable from Staples out to my laptop. It sounds very, very good. I'm using the Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2, which has async USB, so that's probably a factor, but at this point I'd definitely try the long USB cable if I were in your situation. If it doesn't sound great, consider getting one of the async converters discussed above.