PC that wont change my amp's personality ?

My amp is a Classe 301. The reason I like Classe is that when used properly , it provides a somewhat tube like sound from solid state. On my digital side I use a VD nite, which works very, very well. Ive tried the Nite on the amp. The benefits are it does turbo charge the amp , and does make it sound somewhat more like a "live" performance. I can understand why some people would like the VD Nite on their amp. The downside is The Classe loses its tube like personality, which was the reason for the Classe purchase in the first place. Budget is approx $400.00 used. Already have dedicated 20amp lines and Wattgate recepticles. Suggestions?
Sounds like you are hearing the music that you have been missing. Inductive power cords can act like compressors or tone-controls, holding back the dynamics of the amp, particularly at HF. If there is harshness in the recording, shouldn't you be hearing it? If you get a really excellent recording with no harshness you will probably miss a lot of the music.

I do not consider the Classe to be tube-like. Amps that use no negative global feedback tend to be more tubelike. I would recommend a different amp or speakers.
Try the PS Audio Lab II as this is what I use on my Classe amps and they have been the best for me so far.
My amps are Classe 25 and run two in mono. I find my amps to have great tight bass, lush mids and very smooth highs. I find that the Classe amps to be very powerful, smooth sounding amps with the PS Audio PC and you can pick up a 6 foot used for around $275, If your interested I have a 12 foot Lab II PC that is to long for my set up and would sell it. Email me if your intersted. Happy Listening!
if you like you amp why are you going to spend money changing it by buying a power cord, go buy more music with the $400 instead
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Sure let me clarify. I currently am using the stock cord. However that cord is getting a little shoddy and I notice if it has a bend in it, no current gets through. {all other cords I own can handle a similar bend} I like the natural sound of The Classe. I feel the VD brightens it, and Changes the amps personality. I am in need of a new cord, and all I want is efficient power delivery w/o any change in tone. My experience seems to indicate that some cords are ideal for digital, less than ideal for amplification, at least as a matter of personal taste. However on the Classe, I want to at least equal , or more hopefully improve the performance of the Classe, but the cord must be neutral. I do not want a cord that will change the perception of the tonal balance. That aspect Im very happy with.
Contact Sergeui at Stealth or Steve at Empirical for a recommendation. You could also try a used Cardas Golden Reference....
Darrylhifi, I've used an MIT Z II for 3 or 4 years with my ca200 with good results. I've tried others and prefer the mit - the difference over the stock cord is slightly deeper soundstage, better imaging, and a more relaxed presentation. I feel it simply enhances the "Classe" sound which I feel is exactly how you described it. I also have dedicated 20 amp lines.
I can't make a specific recommendation for your amp, but I do have a theory about your situation. As I've written before, I've come to believe - based on my own experiences trying different cords, plus logic and intuition - that while most components can have their performance improved in any number of ways and degrees by aftermarket PC's, they can still exhibit unwanted changes in perceived tonal balance at the same time.

My theory is that this phenomenon has a lot to do with the way components are voiced by their designers: *with the stock power cords fitted* (this is something I'm only presuming, but it makes sense). Therefore, the tonal balance is most likely to be as intended with the stock cord in place.

Replacing the stock cord with an aftermarket cord that is demonstrably 'better' in its design, materials, and construction will often improve many aspects of the sound, but can nevertheless result in unwanted tonal balance changes, simply because the component designer originally voiced the piece of gear to account for the cheap stock cord's intrinsic tonal character. So finding the best aftermarket cord for your component won't necessarily mean finding a cord that will leave *all* components' tonal balances unchanged for the worse - under my theory, such a 'neutral' cord doesn't exist - but will involve finding one which changes the sound in a way that you feel is the best combination with your particular piece of gear.

If I am in any way correct in my thinking, it will somewhat contradict Audioengr's perspective above. His view - certainly not incorrect as far as it goes - that a better cord will simply enable a component to more fully reveal its true response capabilities, doesn't take into account that the component may have been originally voiced to compensate for the stock cord's limitations, which to me could legitimately result in a sub-optimal tonal balance when those limitations are subsequently reduced or removed by upgrading the cord. And that's even if a lot else about the sound unquestionably improves.

So I think there's some reason to believe that even though there are undoubtedly 'better' and 'worse' ways to design and construct replacement PC's in theory, part of the result with any particular component will: #1) always be a crapshoot, #2) may have more to do with the stock cord's idiosyncracies than the replacement cord's, and #3) that this in large part accounts for why there can be a lot of debate over the relative merits of different PC's used in different peoples' systems.

I say this as someone who generally believes that any halfway-decent aftermarket PC worth its salt should at least do a better *overall* job than a typical stock cord, and I also acknowledge that there can still be be a lot of agreement about the 'sounds' of different aftermarket cord models. And of course as with anything else, everyone will also have their own individual preferences, and all systems will have plenty of other built-in biases which can change outcomes. Besides, this whole notion I'm talking about is hardly a novel concept when it comes to speaker cables or interconnects - but it is less likely that component designers will voice gear based on the way it sounds with just one kind of SC or IC, and even less likely that those wires will come packaged in the carton like a stock PC.

Furthermore, I can't discount the possibility that some cord designers deliberately aim to alter tonal balance with their products. Another factor going against my theory is that 'stock' cords are often rather a random item in actual practice, with different kinds being included dependent upon their availability or price. These generics may be similar enough on average to safely ignore the distinction, but if so, then my argument would still break down on the grounds that replacement cord manufacturers would then have a de facto 'standard' cord starting point to work from, and thus shouldn't be making products that diverge much from the stock cords' tonal balance. But, I'm not sure that cord manufacturers necessarily arrive at their designs with that caveat (or my theory) in mind.

I think about this idea every time I read where someone is claiming that XYZ power cord is indisputably 'better' than ABC power cord...what do you guys think? Am I wrong in assuming that component manufacturers aren't using aftermarket cords when voicing their components? Should they? If so, should they include such a good - and 'correct' - cord in the carton? And if that would be too expensive, is the current practice of hit-and-miss aftermarket cord upgrading satisfactory?
If you insist on changing power cords there are two brands that don't add an edge to the sound (IMO).


I think Zaikesman has some very good points.. What i did
was find out what the designer of the amp im using is using
for his own system and thats what i bought for mine.
So far its been a great match for me. I figured he pretty
much can use anything he wants and has tried many different
flavors. It also turned out that the cord can be had for
pretty cheap compared to some others. Call the company and see what you can find out?
I like the Audience Power Chord. You can get them for less than $300 here. Also, to add my $.02, in my experience, the PCs have more effect the further upstream you go. Amps seem to be the least affected by PCs, although there can be some changes, usually positive. Usually, I'm fine with leaving a stock 12 gauge power chord in place for the amp.
All very good thoughts. Some manufactures market certain cords for digital, power etc. Virtual Dynamics does not. On my Preamp , the Integra Research RDC-7 , which is of course a digital product, the VD sounds great. Now before I upgraded to the Classe , I had the Big Rotel. I never tried it, but I think I would have liked the VD on the Rotel. But the Classe is a different beast. Its meant to be laid back and sophisticated in its presentation . Thats my issue. I like the above post to get feedback from Classe on this. A very good thought. And maybe, just maybe, all the Classe needs as stated above is a simple 12 gauge design. Thats for the responses.
By Accident {they dont advertise it} I found out Classe sells their own upgraded PC for 200.00 , or their is one more expensive, specially made for their Omega line by Cardas. But my hunch was correct after talking to Arman, at Classe. For Classe a simpler design with a lower gauge {10} is best.