PC sugguestions for Atma-sphere amps and preamp

I have an MP-1.II and a pr of M-60's and would like to know what power cords you've had great success with. I use mostly stealth interconnects and tonearm cable. Thanks!
I've used homemade and Stealth, was happy with both.
Silent Source Signature power cords are working very well here on a pair of MA-2 amps.
My M-60's are powered via Oyaide Tunami
After a pile of PCs on MP3, Audience was best balanced and lower priced than most of the others tried.

Agree w/Rushton, Silent Source are great on Atma amps.
I use Shunyata power cords with my MA-1s and MP-1. That would be the Python Helix and Taipan Helix (they get switched around depending on what else is in house.) Worked quite well with the M-60s, when they were here.
Rloggie, I have had great success with the Fusion Audio Enchanters on my MA-1 mkIII amps. They are a foil design so they have an incredible liquid mid-range along with very tight and deep bass and airy extended highs. I strongly recommend contacting Eric Love at Fusion Audio for an audition, he is a great guy to deal with. I hope this helps.