PC suggestions for a Gryphon Diablo 300

Looking for suggestions on a power cord for a Diablo 300.   I have  Cerious GE and a Triode Wire Lab power cords that I am going to try, but noticed the Gryphon makes there own.   Should I go with a Gryphon Powercord?   Any other recommendations?

On amps as well built as the Gryphon line, adding an expensive power cord will probably not effect sound quality as much as you might like to believe.

I have experimented with lots of different power cable geometries on different components in my system and found that the greatest improvements were attained by using quality power cables on components having smaller power circuits, like my Node 2 streamer and to a lessor extent, my Simmaudio MOON Phono stage. The Naim amp, which has a much larger power supply, did not show as much of an improvement, but it did reveal very fine micro details.

The Gryhpon line tends to have large high quality transformers supported by large capacitor banks.

With amps of this nature you want a reasonably good power cable that can provide the current required.

Personally, I use DIY PC’s of my own design, which you can see here...

As for commercially available products, for the Gryphon I would opt for a Nordost PC or simply go for the Gryphon PC. Although the stock Gryphen power cables is probably more than sufficient.

If you do use an upgraded power cable, please post your findings here - it will be interesting to see just how good the stock Gryphon PC compares.

BTW - ensure you use low capacitance speaker cables with the Gryphon - it has a tendency to Oscilate and fry the internals if high capacitance speaker cables are used. (happened to a friend - ouchhhhh!)

Suitable capacitance values are 32 pf/meter - or contact Gryphon for their preferred capacitance value

Hope that helps
Thanks for all of the advice williewonka!   Especially, the speaker cable comments.  I had no idea on that. 
There is a used Purist Dominus Revision C Ferox power cord for sale here. It is mostly silver alloy. Gryphon uses silver wiring. That's what I would try first, before spending much more on Gryphon power cord.

I've got the Diablo 300 since one year now. I never used the original cable but went for the Nordost Valhalla. As this is what I use in the rest of the system. I also believe it can be slightly improved by an upgraded cabel (over standard). But less so than other amps. 
The power cord you are using (Cerious GE) is very good, there are other power cords out there that might sound a bit better such as the New Cerious Matrix power cord, the Furutech DPS-4 and/or other brands. This is just a guess, however, I don't think that because Gryphon makes a power cord (or has one made with their name on it) that it would work any better than other brand.
Also, I agree with williewoka, with a really good amp or integrated amp I've havent heard much difference in sound using various audiophile power cords.
Interesting comments on powercords having less of an impact on amplifiers versus other system components.     
I currently have an Ayre KX-5 Twenty preamp and VX-5 Twenty amp.   I've noticed that while the KX-5 is definitely affected by powercord changes(the Cerious GE sounded the best), with the VX-5 I noticed little if any change at all between powercords.  (My Gryphon is due to arrive in a couple of weeks.)

With that said it may make more sense for me to save my money on the powercord and use it toward Speaker and IC cables.   This may have more of an impact.   Currently I have Wireworld Eclipse 7 throughout my system.

Appreciate the comments!
@rshad0000 - I'm not surprised by your findings with your amp/Pre-amp - others have reported similar findings

RE: speaker cables and IC's - the best commercially available cables I have tried are from KLE Innovations - I have reviewed most of theri product line and found them to be excellent.


Checkout their reviews.

They are a little on the expensive side - BUT -  they are probably the last cables you will buy. 

Good luck - Steve
I've not heard the KLE Innovations speaker cables or interconnects but as williewonka knows I'm a huge fan of the KLE Innovations bananas.

With that said and I'm sorry for kind of repeating myself, I'd take a serious look at the Cerious Technologies Matrix interconnects and/or speaker cables. I own the Matrix interconnects and they are very good. Audiophiles I know and trust say the Matrix speaker cables are awesome.

I'd like to demo the KLE Innovations speaker cables and interconnects (good products, I'm sure) but there is no way I can lay out the cash for them in order to demo.
Thanks lak.   Robert at Cerious Technologies has always treated me really well.   I may give his SC and XLRs a try.  I've been impressed with his GE Powercords.    
I've also always wanted to try Nordost as well....Pretty pricey though.
If anyone is into DIY you might want to take a look at these...

I have spent around 3 years developing these cables and they perform better than some very high end product - including some of the KLE Innovations products.

They are extremely detailed, very fast and provide a very spacious image with no coloration. The speaker cables  also have low capacitance and low inductance that should be suited to most amps.

Cost (using the parts identified in the link) is around $200-$250 for a 1-2 meter IC pair, using KLE Innovations RCA plugs and $200 for a pair of 10 ft speaker cables or $300 for a 10 ft pair with the KLE Innovations Bananas

@toddverrone has tried them and finds them to be very good. He actually built a bi-wired speaker version for his rig

They are pretty easy to make and provide exceptional value and performance for the money

Good Luck with your quest - Steve