PC/stereo setup and/or cable question

My PC resides approximately 30 feet from my stereo setup. I currently run a 30' USB repeater cable from my PC to my Chord DAC. The 30' cable is not ideal, and there are no good options for upgraded USB cables in that length.

I'm trying to find out if I can use an ethernet cable, convert to USB near the DAC, and use a short USB into the DAC.
OR, if there's another option I could use to achieve using a short USB cable.

My setup is as follows: NAS>ehternet cable>PC>USB cable>DAC>interconnects>amp.

I tried a Bluesound streamer, but wasn't a fan of the sound.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I think your best bet is to get a dedicated transport and place it next to the DAC, for example, allo usbbridge or a hifiberry device. Of course, this depends on your source, if you only play local files from you NAS it's a good approach. If you want to use a streaming service Roon is an easy option to run on the transport.

If you PC runs Linux you can use setup pulse locally to use a remote transport as sound device and all your PC sound would end up there.

If you run Windows I have no experience, but I believe JACK is able to with ASIO bridge on a win box.

In short, I think buying a raspi is the cheapest and best way of not using a long cable. :-)
If you don't need the PC in the chain you could use a raspberry pi4 running Volumio connected to your network and place it close to the DAC and use a short USB cable. You would need a tablet, phone or your PC to control Volumio through a browser.
We have bern working with servers for years and if you have never heard a dedicated server then you have never heard how good digital can sound 

A nodee is a great starter piece but unlesd you are running usb you have not heard what is possibile 
Only usb or ethernet allows true high res playback also roon servers allow for upconvarsion or transcoding of pcm to dsd you have never heard your dac

The facinating thing is just how much a streamercan sound different from one another

Dave and troy
Audio intellect Nj
Server specialists

I’m researching all of these suggestions, but this is all new to me. Dave and Troy- I’m not sure I understand what you’re suggesting. Thanks all. Still open to any suggestions. 
I'm looking at the Allo USBridge, but the terminology is a bit too technical for me.
Would I run it like this: NAS>ehternet cable>PC>ethernet cable>USBridge>USB cable>DAC

I run Jriver, so I think my PC needs to be in the mix.

Would I run it like this: NAS>ehternet cable>PC>ethernet cable>USBridge>USB cable>DAC

It should be
 NAS > router
 PC > router
 USBridge > router               
USBridge >USB DAC 

Yes. I neglected to add the router. Can anyone attest to the sound quality of the USBridge?
i have a pretty transparent system. And the whole goal of this is the hope of a bit of sound quality improvement from replacing the 30’ USB. 
A popular choice is the Senore ultraRendu takes in ethernet and outputs USB.  Even with the matching UpTone LPS 1.2 linear power supply, the cost is around $1K.  Roon will recognize it as an endpoint.  The Digital and PC forums of the AudioAyslum have many posts regarding simple setups.  Sound quality is excellent.