PC sound card

Anybody try different sound cards on their PC?. I've got an SB3 squeeze box setup with a GR Research DAC-60 with sonic craft mods and I like what I'm hearing. But I'm curious if I were to upgrade my PC to a better sound card would there be an improvement?
I don't think so; invest the money on Bolder or Red Wine SB mods.
I had a Turtle Beach sound card but upgraded to an Echo Layla 24 sound card that enables me also to record instruments on my computer.It was a definite improvement in fidelity using my Mackie HR824's as monitors.It was not cheap at around $500 however.I do believe they have smaller units that probabaly offer an increase in resolution as well.So i believe the answer to be yes.I am not familiar with your other components but i know the better sound card definitely was an improvement for me.
Just in case this is what you're thinking, the sound card has no connection to the SB and therefore it has nothing to do with the SB sound which comes directly from the ethernet (and wireless) connection.
I got best results with Lynx L22 with its internal DAC straight to the preamp.