PC's with solid core conductors?

Does anyone know of any good quality (not silly expensive) power cords (besides Audioquest and Ridge Street Audio) that use solid conductors (wire) with quality copper conductors in the male/female plugs as well? It seems strange that after all that I have read regarding the "disadvantages" of using stranded wire for audio that most of the quality PC's, or DIY wire, that I have located are made with stranded wire.

All input appreciated.

The stuff in the walls of your house is probably Romex - ask someone at home depot and buy some more and a couple of plugs to terminate it - that way you can match the transmission impedance perfectly and have no reflections at your plug....

Sorry I am not actually being all that serious, IMHO, you are worrying unnecessarily. If you want cleaner power then get some active elements - a conditioning power bar or a line conditioner but don't worry about the wires - provided, of course, they are rated appropriately for the power requirements.
I do not know your definition of silly expensive is, but the Harmonic Tech's Pro AC-11 power cord is the best bang for the buck solid core copper power cord in the market today. The newer version comes with Furutech's high-grade ends and cost about $120 for a 1M in the used market. Older version with Hubble AC plug and stock iec can be have for $100.

Don't waste time on others.
Thanks Dtsag, I'll check HT out.
PS Audio Prelude SC. I got mine 2-meter brand new for like $135 from Music Direct.
OK Chenc, thanks for taking your time to respond. I will check the PS stuff out.

The HT's Pro AC-11 will blow the PS Audio's Prelude SC away. Even the Plus SC is not in the same league as the Pro AC-11.

I jumped from the Pro AC-11 to the Statement SC through out my system.

As I said earlier, don't waste time on others unless you like to pay for more than $300 for a used cord.