PC's for Aesthetix Callisto Signature???

I just purchased an Aesthetix Callisto and am completely blown away by the sound from my system........ Due to my typical audiphile curiosity (disorder)and always wanting ever more I am interested in what an aftermarket PC might do. Does anyone have experience with aftermarket powercords for this wonderful pre-amp? Mine is the Signature (single power supply) version. I have been very happy with the Shunyata cords that I have heard on other components, would this be the way to go?


Shunyata did not work well for me but that should not exclude them from your audition list.

Two best cords on my Callisto was Purist Dominus Ferox and Elrod Signature. I always wondered what Kimber Silver would do but have not had the chance to hear it.
The Omega Mikro power cords from Walker Audio are working well here on my Io Signature with volume controls. The result should be similar on a Callisto. There's certainly no downside to trying them with Walker Audio's 30-day return policy.