PC s and/or conditioners etc for BAT

Curious as to what BAT owners may be using if they are using power cords, conditioners, regenerators, etc. BAT is extrememly cautious and recommends nothing. But I know some people experiment. I have a VK-30SE, D5SE, and VK-60 and use a mix of BAT stock cords and Cardas.
I am using PS Audio Lab Cables plugged into a Shunyata Hydra on my VK-50SE, VK-75SE, and VKP5. I've tried directly plugging into the wall and Shunyata Black Mamba PCs and found the best results the way I have it. I also has a PS AUdio PP300 that could only power the VKP5. It sounded better, but I also had my TT plugged into it so that may explain.
The cords ARE detachable after all, may as well experiment. I'm using Synergistic Research AC Reference on my BATVK30, and a pair of Harmonic Technology Pro AC-11 cords on my BATVK500. Also switched the feet to E.A.R. footers. I like the changes, improves the bottom end a bit and makes for a quieter background. Jeff
I have a VK50SE, VKP5, and VK 60. I use a Cinepro ac balancer, plus various electraglide cords. I have a fatboy 2000 on the preamp-big difference. Standard glides on amp and phono. That helped too. The Cinepro made a big difference on dynamics and depth. I may try a Hydra soon in place of the Cinepro. For the money on what I have, the preamp cord and the Cinepro made the biggest positive changes.
I have a vk 60 and am considering adding a vk5i. My question is will I be able to plug it{vk5i} into my ps 300 pp? Or will it take away too much power? I am planning to plug the vk60 directly into the wall.
I'm using an older version Kimber PowerKord on my D5. It easily was better then the stock cord. Plugs directly into the systems dedicated iso ground line. Haven't tried anything more exotic.

Streetdaddy, if it helps, the BAT literature lists VK-5i power consumption at 150 VA maximun.
Hi Sharri...I've got a VK500 amp with Batpak hooked up with BMI Whales to a VansEvers Unlimiter. I use another Whale from the wall to the Unlimiter. The guys at BAT may be a little sceptical due to the amps sensitivity to power surges, lightning, etc. When I originally set up my amp with only the Whales plugged into the wall, I noticed the 5 amp fuses would blow during a thunderstorm. We get alot of thunderstorms here in Florida so unplugging them almost every day is a true pain. After alot of research and questioning fellow audiophiles, I decided to try an Unlimiter. I'm really glad I did. Not only did the bass get even deeper and more defined but the entire soundstage increased in all directions. PLUS...no more blown fuses! I'm not going to state that the Unlimiter will completely protect the amp but it really has been a great investment. The Whales are a true bargain at their price. They enhance the musics clarity and focus. They remove all background noise allowing you to hear all of the detail that your gear will reproduce. I have 6 of them in my system and give them my highest recommendation...
I have the VK150SEs and use the Shunyata Viper V2s on them plugged directly into the wall. I use a P300 on my front end. I did try a Sound Application CF-X line conditioner with everything plugged into it and I can say that it is fantastic, among the best upgrade I have ever heard. It is terribly expensive, so before I took the plunge I decided to order a Hydra and see if it could provide most of what the CF-X can do. I also get a noticable improvment from a set of Black Diamond #3 cones under my amps.
I have a VKD5SE that improve significantly when plugged into a PP300. But the PP ran way too hot and close to its limit on just that one piece. Then I changed to a PP600. The most incredible transformation was wrought when I plugged the player into the PP via a King Cobra v2. The noise floor disappeared and the bass became revelatory. The best upgrade I have ever made to my system. Period.
Thanks for all the replies. There is a variety of things that seem to work well. Victor at BAT is very reluctant to even broach the subject of aftermarket power cords. The PS Audio stuff seems to work but needs to be at least the 600 model. The magical Powersnakes seem to work their black magic here as well.