PC's and interconnects for Krell 400xi

I have a brand new Krell 400xi (very happy, huge step up from the SimAudio I was using) and I was wondering if any owners of Krell or this model in particular had any suggestions for PC's or interconnects?

It will take me some time to get use to this new amp and figure out what I like and don't like about it's tone but I figured I'd throw this thread up anyways, I'm excited about the new amp. Currectly I use an XLO, Moray James PC's for my digital and a stock cord for the Krell. My interconnects are Harmonic Technology Prosilway mk II's. I'm happy with these at the moment but always like to learn as I go.
I have a Classe CDP-10 CD player connected to the 400xi via balanced interconnect with Kimber Select KS-1111 and the combination gives holographic imaging, very low noise back ground and excellent bass. I would definitely recommend that balanced interconnect is the only way to go with this baby.
Good luck and happy listening.
I have been using HT cabling with my Krell setup for several years now after auditioning a number of brands and am convinced they provide the best performance with Krell gear.