PC Remote Control

I’m streaming Tidal via a dedicated Windows 7 laptop. I turned off all non-essential programs. Due to power supplies and cable lengths, it is parked on the rack with everything else. I’d love to figure out a remote control by my listening chair via my Windows Surface RT.

I got the Remote Desktop app functioning on my Surface. But it simply transferred the sound from the rig to the Surface’s tiny speakers. Ha!   What was appealing about the Remote Desktop app was that it was all contained via my home network.  Remote Assistance might work since that functionality controls the actual streaming laptop. Yet, it would introduce another program running in the background. Since I went to the trouble of turning off all the other programs, it seems counter-productive. Any suggestions?

Why do you think that the overhead from Remote Desktop or remote assistance will be a problem?  RDP was my immediate thought about a simple solution.  I'm about to do something very similar.
I don't know if running programs in the background will take away resources that would affect the SQ.  Maybe not.  Perhaps, it depends on the processor.  Please let me know if you can configure RDP so that the audio stays on the streaming laptop - and doesn't get transferred to the remote.   BTW, creating a RDP link can be challenging.   My streaming laptop has a local login.   The RDP app will request credentials for a username and password.  The password is the same.  The username is:  localacccount\username.  If you use Onedrive, it will be microsoftaccount\username.   Crazy!
I use the Keyspan Windows remote control. It is RF, not line of sight so it goes right through the walls.  I can advance, pause, stop... I do use iPeng to contraol Tidal (via ickstream/my transporter) but the remote works perfectly well also.  
Success! My Surface RT is now remotely controlling the Tidal menu on the streaming laptop while the audio is playing on the big rig. Previously, I downloaded the Remote Desktop app from the MS store. This version doesn’t offer options to configure connection settings. The Surface has a built-in Remote Desktop app that does offer a settings menu - under ’Show Options’. Audio is located under ’Local Resources’. Check ’Play on remote computer’. Works great!