PC recommendation for a all Halcro System

I'm at it again... upgrading that is. Or perhaps feeding me audio addiction. Anyway I am interested in thoughts regarding PCs for my Halcro DM58s and DM10. I love the combo btw, lucid, transparent however as many have reported the weakness is a certain 'thinness' to the sound. I am currently using jp max ac gold pcs but have not done much work on the pc part of my system.

Like a beautiful model who is just a shade too thin I want her to put on a bit of weight.....but not get fat!

Any thoughts?
Have a look at Oyaide's catalogue. They make some very fine, musical sounding power-cables and plugs from Japan.
I also regard LAVARDIN PCs very musical.

Dewald Visser

NB - Do not excuse your interconnects from the "thin" equasion.