PC on power supply for cd player

Will a good power cord have the same impact on a cd player's power supply as it will on a cd player? My player has imbilicals from power supply to player. The cord goes from power supply to the wall.

Thanks for your responses.
Yes, according to my ears.
(Zanden, dCs)
I have a Modwright 999ES that has a separate power supply.
I find I get the biggest changes when I switch cords
on the power supply. You will get a change on the player
side but its not as dramatic as on the power supply IMO.

I'm currently using the Tek Line Reference cord on my
power supply and player side and prefer this combo
to the two Purist Audio Dominus cords I was using
Agree with Detlof. I have Zanden DAC Signature with sep power supply. Huge improvement with PAD Dominus Ferox and Ann Contego. I use both since I've got a PS Audio Quintet to provide surge protection.