PC & IC: Stealth vs KS Emotion vs Elrod

I need to buy one IC XLR and one PC , and I want to ad some warm to the sound. I´m thinking on Elrod statement and Stealth Dream as option for the PC, and the Stealth Indra or Nanofiber and KS Emotion as IC XLR, can you give me your opinion? Thanks
Emigene, I can't comment on the power cords, since I use Harmonic Studio Masters in my system, however I use all Stealth wires for IC's and speaker cable, so I can help you out with your question regarding adding warmth to your system.

You will not add warmth with either an Indra or Metacarbon in your system. Either cable is just not there sonicly, they just sound "natural" with out adding anything. Yes, the Nanofiber will add warmth to your system. It can be great in a solid state system for that very reason. In my system it offered a beautiful midrange, but was a little to closed-in on the top end for my taste.
Kubala-Sosna Emotions for ic and KS pc's...Teajay is right, the Stealth will give you nothing but what is already there !

Good luck!
I can concur w/ Teajay and Azjake's advice. I own both the Indra and Emotion. I use the Indra from CDP>Preamp, and the Emotion from my full function pre>amps. I prefer the Emotion in this link, as it does add a bit more texture. Is K-S bringing out inherent warmth/texture, which Stealth does not, or does it add a spoonfull of sugar? I am not quite sure, and can't say I care. My phono cable is silver and it seems to give off nothing but what is already there,so my ideal recipe is w/ the Emotion. I listen to 80% vinyl, fwiw. It would be interesting to try the Nanofiber against the Emotion.
thanks to all for yours answers, I have read at audiogon about Tel wire, less loss and Michael Wolff Bohical cables, the question about this less expensive cables is: are them so good as K-S, Stealth or Elrod PC? Thanks
I thought enough about the Tel Wire PCs to replace Stealth Dream and M5000 PCs in my system.

Your question on the Tel Wire being as good, well honestly no, it is not as good as the Stealth Dream, which was a bit quieter in my system and a bit more extended. I'd say it came close though (within 5% if I had to grade it) and both cables offer a natural presentation with big sound stage.

The Tel Wire is about one fifth the list price of the Dream, and even with the generous discounts you can get on Stealth cables, the Tel Wire is still significantly less than the price of a Dream. As for the M5000, the Tel Wire was right there with it in my system.

For me the math didn't add up and made the decision to switch to Tel Wire a lot easier. Not to mention these PCs are much more flexible than the Stealth Dream or M5000.
David Elrod just introduced, a few days ago, new line of "Gold Edition" interconnects and speakers cables and power cords. I was lucky to auditioned his interconnects and they greatly outperformed everything he did before. I don't think he has competitor anywhere in the world.
Is there any info available on new Elrod IC's/spkr cables/PC's? I am a big fan of his work. Thx.

>>I don't think he has competitor anywhere in the world.<<

In fact there are many outstanding competitors.