Pc for Vpi motor

Looking for pc^s to fit the vpi motor it is real weird and small any comments.
What VPI turntable are you referring to? I have an Aries 3 and the power chord is a normal size.
I was wondering if a after market PC will improve performance of the Aries 3 further? Anybody have upgraded the motor pc and heard improvements?
Upgrading the cord on the drive motor won't yield any noticeable improvement. On the other hand, the SDS would benefit slightly. I wouldn't break the bank on the cord. A step above stock would be sufficient.
SDS would improve slightly, hmmm? I'll consider it. Nothing too fancy.
"the SDS would benefit slightly"

I beg to differ. The SDS is a major upgrade, if you value pitch stability, pacing (groove factor), and refinement.

Not the sds, but the power cable for the sds, we're talking about.

Happy New Year!
I just put a pair of Volex 17604 PCs (ordered from Newark, also Allied Electronics). These are robust, shielded, and seem to make a difference (over the stock cords) feeding the SDS and then the TT (VPI) motor.

A pair of these costs about $25 delivered USPS.

If you don't like them, or they don't seem to make a difference on the TT, use them on your plasma or LCD screens and notice the difference in color and image quality. Just my opinion,

:) listening,