PC for strip upgrade?

Just curious has anyone tried upgrading the power cord on their power strip. Im thinking of doing ths as a cheap upgrade. I have a PS audio Juice Bar with the stock cord it came with, and im thinking about putting a VH Audio Flavor 4 on instead, sort of impart a benefit to my whole system at once.

think it'll do anything??
I use the Juice Bar to increase the outlets coming out of my PS Audio P500. By plugging in the Juice Bar into one of the regenerated ports you can increase the number of regenerated outlets from 4 to 9. In this application, coming out of the regenerated port into the Juice Bar, an aftermarket cord will make a tremendous difference. Right now I am using a TG Audio SLVR, but I am awaiting delivery of 3 Cerious Technologies PCs (I already have 2), and will audition one of those in place of the TG.
Honestly, I don't think it'll do much. IMO, you'd be better off plugging your juice bar power cord into a Quantum ElectroClear device ($40).