PC for Running Springs conditioner

I recently started using a Running Springs Jaco and wondered what pc experience other Running Springs users have. For now I am using the Mongoose cord that came with but I am guessing there are much better options. I know I am going to have to do some playing around with some different cords but a little jump start would be nice!
Just a thought, but you might try putting a "stock" cord (not the Cardas-made "Mongoose" but a plain ol' cord) on the unit and determine what you want the cord to do. I've found I like the speed, dynamics and neutrality of Stealth cords generally, but you may want to go the other way with something smoother and richer than the Cardas or somewhere in between.

When you finally decide on a cord, would you mind reporting back as to how big a difference the cord on your conditioner made? I know the theory of the what kind of difference it *should* make - or rather the widely differing two theories - but have yet to try an aftermarket cord on my PC.

howard...that is a great suggestion, thanks. i can tell you i went through that exercise with the mit zstabalizer hg3 i use with my amp and sub which are isolated from this rack. i started with the stock cord and found it to be very constricted, muddy and dull. i experimented with nordost, kubala sosna, tara and some others and eventually settled with an mit oracle ac1 to feed it. i did this after reading the dagago review of these devices and cords. it turned out to be a perfect fit giving me all the typical power conditioner pluses with no negative impact at all. superb depth and dynamics, very quiet and resolving. this is part of why i thought i would seek some info from others as that helped me immensely with the mit.

clio09...i have been very curious about the oyaide cords. i just obtained some of the outlets. the cords llok like quite a bargain too!
I've been using an Elrod EPS-3 Signature and have been very happy with it on my Danielle. I'd like to try the Statement, but I don't have the $$$.

Interestingy, yesterday I replaced the stock Cardas cord that came with my Haley (branded Mongoose from Running Springs) with the Elrod EPS-3 Signature as well and heard a significant improvement. I had been using the EPS-3S with an Accuphase power amp that I no longer use and had considered selling it.
interesting. i know the elrod cords are recommended for the sound application devices, must be good for power conditioners in general. i have never tried one but i think i should consider it. i was thinking of trying an mit oracle ac3 since i had good luck with the ac1 on my other unit.
I am using a Mongoose with good results. I tried a VH Audio AirSine for awhile and it sounded nice but overall I prefer the Mongoose as a supply cord. I moved the AirSine to the CD player. IMO the Mongoose flows alot of current and is fairly neutral so I am sure this is why Running Springs recommends them. A local buddy is using a LessLoss and likes it so far. He also is using all LessLoss powercords in his system.
I was told at CES that the new version of the Mongoose cords supplied by RSA are no longer made by Cardas. If you like the Oyaide outlets you will like the cable too.
clio... where did you buy your oyaide cords? are the ebay ones legit?

samzx...i really do not have bad things to say about the cardas but more curious if there may be a better fit. i am afflicted bad! lessloss is another i have heard all good about but never had the opportunity to try.
I bought mine (orininal, not R version) from Alan Kafton at Audio Excellence AZ. I believe they are also available from Revolution Power. Also, Brian Kyle at Xtreme AV is an Oyaide dealer and can get them for you.

I would be very careful about buying Oyaide products on eBay. If in doubt, contact Joe Cohen at Lotus Group USA. He is the Oyaide distributor and can tell you for certain if a product you are considering is real or counterfeit.