PC for Prologue 2

Has anyone found a power chord that made a noticable improvement on the Prima Luna Prologue 2 integrated ?
If so , can you compare it to the stock PC and/or detail the improvements ?
Thank you .
I have the Primaluna Four stereo amp. The stock cord is actually pretty decent compared to other stock cords on components in this price range. Nonetheless, changing power cords will give you fairly dramatic changes in the sound of the unit. Whether those changes will be an improvement are a matter of personal taste. I use a Golden Reference power cord on my Primaluna, but only because this one of two spare power cords I had handy. The other cord was a Van denHull Mainstream. I thought the Cardas Golden Reference was better for my application, but I would like to try others as I'm not convinced that it is the best cord for my tastes. (I was actually going to sell the Cardas cord when I got the Primaluna and found a need for it). I heard some Signal cables in another system (no Primaluna amps though) and thought they bettered the Cardas Quadlink cord that we compared them to. The Signal cords are very reasonably priced and sounded very nice to my ears. I'm thinking of trying them in my system myself and maybe sell the Golden Reference if it works out. Let us know if you try any aftermarket cords and how they work out in your system.
Saki, Why not just ask Kevin Deal? Personally, I've found the heavy guage Belden work fine on my PL stuff and I spent my spare change on some music and tubes. :-)

Are you hearing something from the unit you want to change?
Hartwerger ; will you also keep us informed on your chord hunt ?

Newbee ; Not wanting to 'change' anything just yet . Just looking for a good recommendation , or two . This is the first step of the quest . What differences did you notice with the Belden PC ? They are rather inexpensive !
Saki, I compared some 9' lengths of Belden to some 6' lengthgs of Cardas and some old Audioquest and didn't detect a meaningful difference with the 1,3, or 5. FWIW.
Saki, I`d be very interested in your opinion of the primaluna compared to the aa prima that you used to have. I too own an aa prima int. amp and have been considering the primaluna and the "all tube" sound.