PC for Magnum Dynalab tuner

I've been using Virtual Dynamics Power3 on my MD100 for the past year. Great PCs but they're so heavy and bulky and hard to "negotiate". Recently move my system around and would like to go with "lighter" PC.
Just wondering what others have tried/used?
I too have an MD100. Not liking its relatively flimsy chassis, I started by floating it on a Neuance platform, then of course use my own version of the magical Belden 83802 PC. Provides a cleaner and more open presentation than the P3 (which I used for awhile). Yes, the P3 almost lifts this tuner up in the air! RSVP for more details.
I've got an MD-102 and use a Harmonic Tech Pro AC-11 Power Cord. It does wonders.
I use a VD Signature on my MD102. The much more flexible BMI Eel worked pretty well but not quite as well. Might be fine for the MD100. Kimber's PK6 is also light & flexible & does a nice job. Why not try one of Ernie's cords; for the price it's worth a try.
Thanks for the response everyone. Wondering if anyone has had any experience with Stealth PCs. I use their CWS ins but have never tried the PCs.
Hey Rlb61, I guess I shouldn't worry about the Harmonic Tech being on the lean side.
I tried the Virtual Dynamics NITE PC on the Etude and it made a substantial improvement across the board.