PC for Jolida JD-9 Phono Stage

I'm considering a new PC for my Jolida JD-9 phono stage. I have a low-end, but not the 'came-with' cable now. Is there anything I should consider specifically for a tube phono stage? I'm using a Shunyata Guardian conditioner and have the system on a separate circuit from most other stuff in the house but not a dedicated one. I recently posted a thread about dedicated lines and got great info, but i don't think I can do it in this house. I was thinking of a new Analysis Plus Power Oval 2 or a used Shunyata. Budget is around $300-$400.
Kind of unbalanced in my view.I would consider a cheaper cable unless you aree planning an upgrade.That cost for a cable would go well with a PS Audio GCPHCoph Nia,CJ EV1 or a simlar new used exp[enditure of $1K-$1,5500.That much on a cable is close to price of phono.I dunnoh but I spend less on cable upgrade stage.If your satifsfied with Jolida save money on equippent,get a $100-$200 cable and spend rest on LP's or elswhere in system.My rule of thumb is 5 to 15 percent of system or matching piece not 25% like cable manufaturers say.Spend that much if latter youy want to upgrade to a whest 2.0 or buy $100 and bank it for a used Whest.But that's too much for that link in chain even if it Jolida is an overperformer for price.