PC for Gryphon Diablo 300

Since this appears to be a popular amp I'm wondering what everyone is using for the power cord.
I have heard that gryphon products tend to sound best with gryphon cables. 
I have also heard that their amps sound good even with stock PCs

I am looking at AQ Dragon 20a 2meter as I'm fond of this cord and think it would be a nice match. Thoughts?
Yes the AQ Dragon is i believe the top pick or close to it for that integrated...i run a hurricane hc and just picked up a thunder hc for my plinius hautonga simply because of  the dragons cost
yea it's priced very aggressively. I'll probably look to the used market. Thanks for the input

I use Audioquest Firebird PC on my Diablo 300.

I am also using a powercell 12 uef se with HC Galileo power cord.

so this may power into that opposed to direct into wall

AQ Dragon available if you are interested.


@questforhifi - The Gryphon Diablo does not have a 20 amp socket, so why the AQ 20 amp cable?

Take a look at the Zevfino range of cables - they would suit the Gryphon amp very well.

Regards - Steve

Yes i noticed the type and tried editing a few days back it but its too late to edit. Looking for c13 plug

You didn't say what sound "tailoring" you may be looking for. 

I tried numerous power cords on my hybrid integrated amp, and finally settled on an old school Tekline silver power cord - which gave the sound a bit of a sparkle, added bass, and a jump in 'life' overall.

My tube components just love foil power cords like the Elrods for example.

On the other end of the spectrum, you may want less sparkle, more mid-bass foundation, etc. In which case I would look at something like Sablon and others.

The gryphon dealer mentioned for me to explore silver cables as gryphon amps tend to love them. I switched to silver speaker cables from stealth audio. Fantastic improvement over my old aq copper cables.

looking to stay with that trend. I use shunyata sigma XLRs and they tend to provide a nice warm balance to the mix. I also use the gold tuning bullet on my Galileo SX power cord, (to which most of my system runs through as thats the pc from my conditioner)

So i think i can afford more silver and love the idea of high current as this amp can draw tons of power rapidly.

Atm i have the diablo matched with Triode labs Obsession PC. It's a nice balanced cable that I plan to move to my dac as soon as I get a new cord for amp

@questforhifi It sounds like you are very familiar with all top notch power cords and brands. The only thing I have to add this discussion, is give this a shot:

Yes, less than $1,000, but, you may be surprised

@questforhifi not to stray too far off topic here but what are your thoughts on the Diablo 300? Thanks.

I had the opportunity to hear a Gyphon integrated in a $50k system a few years back and I was very impressed. The owner also had an Ayre pre + amp and he liked the gryphon a lot.

One word of caution - these are great amps, but both these amps had serous issues with using high capacitance speaker cables - to the point where they oscilated to the point of failure, so select cables with a lower capacitance value

I would steer clear of cables that have a capacitance higher than 150 pf/ft - but that also depends on the length of your cables.

Both these amps need great cables - so look at brands like Zevfino or in-Akustik - but check with the company  with regards to thei cable capacitance first

Regards - Steve

@arch2 it’s superb. The process to get the amp was quite tedious i had many on trial. I tried many amps including: the parasound JC1+ monos, ayre, pass 250, hegel h590, and i even tested the m/c900 pair (excellent btw) but the diablo was the cream of the crop. It gave me everything that I’m looking for and punches above its pricepoint. Extended treble response but smooth. Effortless it just has so much power and can really drive even the most difficult loads. One thing that pushed it over the top compared to the luxman was the diablos bass.

Overall its very quite and highly resolving. My search has endend and i plan to keep it for a long time! I haven’t heard it with the optional dac so cant comment on that part but It’s just really good amp.

@thyname I’ve been hearing more and more about Zavfino. It’s certainly Intriguing . curious if they have a trial period

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@questforhifi : Yes, they do. If you are in USA, send an email to Raymond @ Zavfino USA at sales@zavfinousa.com

@thyname I’ve been hearing more and more about Zavfino. It’s certainly Intriguing . curious if they have a trial period

@questforhifi Good to hear. Sounds like a keeper for sure. I came so close to buying a used one about a month or so ago for sale in Tennessee but my index finger just couldn't commit to hitting the purchase button due to all the zeros in the price. Everything I'm hearing is as you describe. Best of luck.

I am disinclined to recommend AQ if you are not using a Niagara power conditioner.  I have found they tend to perform best wth a Niagara and are not quite as great if you don't have a unit that uses the same grounding system.  

If you are looking for silver, Stage III Aegir or Trydent Power cords would be a good match.  They tend to be sanely price.  Aegir are $2k for 1.5M and Trydent is $4k.  Silver can get pretty crazy in terms of price pretty fast.  I work with the distributor on Wilson Benesch products and I know he uses their PCs with Ypsilon gear so they are pretty awesome.  

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I’ve successfully aquired the dragon HC 2m for roughly 1/3rd price of new. watching jays channel he seems to think they are by far the best and hes tested a great many over the years

It will be like a double upgrade for me. Right now my dac is using nordost blue haven which is a cheapo >$300 cord. I can move the triode labs obession to my dac so that in itself will be a big upgrade for my system.


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