PC for Electrocompaniet-Focal-Wadia combo

Hi everyone,

I've finally managed to put together the hifi components I desire and arrived at the next step towards audio nirvana: power-cords and conditioners. However, I'm quite clueless as to where or which brands to start with (other than what i read in hifi magazines) so I would really appreciate your inputs, especially for my setup. I'm running a fully balanced setup. My system is as below:

-Electrocompaniet EC 4.7 Pre
-Electrocompaniet AW180 Mono Power
-Wadia 381 CDP
-Focal Electra 1028BE floorstanders
-Clearday Double Shotgun Speaker Cables
-CDP to Pre XLR: Synergistic Research Tesla Apex
-Pre to Power: Telos Black Reference XLR
-Xindak Power conditioner (distributor?)
-Stock power cords for the amps. DIY copper-based PC for the Wadia CDP and DIY silver-based PC for the EC 4.7 Pre

I listen to a wide variety of genres, from rock to jazz to vocal and some classical/orchestral music. At the moment, I am happy with the sound in my system. Just wondering if I can improve the resolution further by getting better PCs or a better power conditioner. The other alternative is to change my wall plugs and use better receptacles. Any suggestions as to which I should start from? Guess my budget is under $400 for the PC and max $1k for a power conditioner.

Thanks in advance!
I have the same speakers as yours with Pass Labs gears. Just recently, I tried PS Audio Dectet power center ($500), Power Port Premier ($100) receptacle and AC-10 power cord (price varies on length and new/used) that connects the receptacle from wall and the Dectet. In short, the upgrade is on par with any equipment change I did in the past, if not the best. Hope this help.
@ Kzhtoo, I have been looking at alot of different receptacles,Is the power port premier a good one?I have narrowed my search to one so far untill I read this thread,I will research this receptacle!,thanks for the post!,cheers!
I haven't tried many receptacle. Regarding power port premier, I read a few good reviews and I have had good experience with their Dectet and power cord, so decided to give it a shot. What I can say is it stomps the generic cheapo receptacle that I was using, as it should. The improvement wasn't subtle at all. Not sure how it would stack up against others (was thinking of getting SR Tesla-plex for awhile), but I wouldn't bet against power port premier at least not holding its own. Very long break-in time though (I didn't believe it initially but my experience tells otherwise).
@ kzhtoo,I researched alot on this matter of receptacles since we talked last,the one I believe I may get is the berllininum-copper,hell I can't even say it right!,lol!,the receptacles that jj acoustics are selling here on the gon,the medal used is exceptionaly thicker than all the other brands I have seen out there,they are the same price as the power port premier,and I looked at yet another brand being sold by a dealer here on the gon as well,I e-mailed jj-acoustics about their receptacles,they said,they are cryo treated like the power port,but not plated at all,the two medals were alloyed together by the cryo treatment,and they are special made for their store to deal,and to their specifications,the medal same medal is even on the back of the receptacle and thru out all of it,we know we can take the opinion of most dealers with a grain of salt,their view is that its the best receptacle they have ever heard,I attest,I guess I will find out when I get some here in the next couple of weeks,I am currently droping alot of money in my system,so I will need to waite to get mine,however,the receptacles that I do use now are not stock,they are $10.00 ones I installed my self,it was better sounding than the stock ones,so at 10 times the price, the new,made for audio receptacles should be alot better than the ones I am useing,,happy listening!
Audiolabrynth, I purchased the beryllium power outlet from JJ acoustic before I did any research online. After a month of reading reviews and talking to other audiophiles I ended up purchasing the Maestro outlets. I was not able to find a single review or article at all about the JJ outlet. from what I understand they are in Australia. I emailed them and asked them to provide me with any information on their outlet and they never emailed me back. They shipped it to me without a box or any literature at all. I have not installed it yet so I cant attest to the sound. It seems to be made of brass all the way around. I could be wrong but they dont seem to be interested in proving to me that its not. I would love to hear how your system sounds once it is installed.