PC for Aragon 4004 MKII amp

Hi Everyone.
I just bought a used Aragon 4004 MKII here on AGon. Its rated @ 200w x 2. Weighs like 60lbs. Expext to recieve it in about a week. This is going to drive my Dali Ikon 6s in my computer system.

Its coming w/ the stock PC about which I know nothing. But, being a compulsive tweeker, I suspect I will want to upgrade the PC. If so, my budget will be $100, won't need longer than 1 meter and would like some flexiblity in the cable. Due to size/power of the amp, I'm thinking like at least 12 gauge.

I ran my Aragon 8008BB with a GTT powercord, $59 new with good sucess, Used you will have many other options as well.