PC for Accuphase CDP?

I have a 65v CDP with a Cardas Golden REF PC. I was thinking of trying a few others. Any suggestions??
Current system
Accuphase 65v
Nordost Quatra-fil
Papworth m200 (240 watt tube)
Stealth Ulimate Ribbon
Dunlavy SC4a,s
evo: tho i've not heard it on the 65v, i've found the tara, the one pc to produce wonderful effects on accuphase amps, pres and such cdp's/dac's as the 75v and 101. might wanna' give it a listen. -cfb
Kelly are you referring to Tara The One ISC power cable @$1195 list? I should try those: I've had very nice results with Synergistic Designer Reference Squared AC cords on my Accuphase gear but they are considerably more expensive @$2K list each & I have 3 of them. Significant investment in cables here, but hey you've gotta do whatever it takes to get that great sound! Of course these both should be available at better prices used etc...
If you have an extra one around, I'd like to perhaps arrange for a temporarily swap with you for 2 or 3 weeks so we can make some comparisons.
You might to consider the Voodoo Mana, Dedicated Audio's PDS and the Virtual Dynamic range of power cords!
Thanks for that Kelly and Bob. Although there are no Tara the One pc for sale at the moment, there are a few squared Syn. for sale. By the way Congrats kelly on your Boulder 1012, Merry Christmas to all.
My personal recommendation for a Power Cord would be to audition the Ensemble Megaflux FSF @ $680 6'. I switched to this from Black Mamba Power Snakes on all components and it is a truly amazing PC. I use it on a BOW Wizard CDP & VIVA Verona Monoblocks. I also use there Dynaflux FSF IC. This cable is amazing stuff and a favorite of mine. I prefered the Megaflux FSF PC to others like HT Magic, Synergistic, ESP, and other audiophiles have prefered it to the King Cobra, Electric Glide Fat Boy and others costing much more. Once the reviews begin to spill out and validate the superb quality of this cable audiophiles will be kicking themselves for ignoring it and wasting $$$. Other then that, I would also recommend the Siltech G5 Ruby Hill @ around $1800 it is more, but worth it. It has a wonderful "feel" to it (the [no sound] sound). Very good for high current also. And there is FIM's Gold Series PC.
Also consider an Ensemble ISOlink. From my experience, this will further the sonics of your already very good CDP.

Happy Listening