PC for a Running Springs Haley

Other than Running Springs pc any suggestions.

McCormack TLC
McCormack DNA125
Vandersteen Ics
Vandersteen sub
Thanks in advance.
I used a Oyaide Tunami GPX on my Haley.
Sorry but I would stay with the Mongoose. There is a reason they chose that cord.
Kaplan Cable with Copper plugs

You can read about these cords over at Audio Circle and buy them from tweekgeek dot com

A couple of other choices would be:

Black Sand Statement One

Black Sand Silver Reference V

VH Audio AirSine

I have owned a RSA Haley for 5+ years now and these have been the best cords in my various setups.

I am currently using the Kaplan Cable cord.

I would use any Cardas PC, I use the Moongoose on my Jaco.
I use a Golden on my Haley, I needed a 90 degree plug and didn't want to spend 700 for that. Otherwise I would use the Mongoose on it as well.
BTW, I have tried the Mongoose power cord, as well as the Golden, on my Haley and preferred the cords I listed above.

My Haley came with a Golden from the dealer I purchased it from. The Oyaide was better IMO and in my system. I can understand the synergy between the Cardas/Mongoose and RSA products, but there are other viable options.
The ESP reference should work well as I had one on my Jaco, but switched to another cord to eliminate DC what was causing hum in my amp.
DCCA cables had good synergy with the Haley in my system, give Don there a call...
Fusion Audio Enchanter on my Jaco - made with silver ribbons. I much prefer the Enchanter to the Mongoose.
I have read that the DCCA Reference Master works well with the RSA Danielle. Check out the reviews.

Thanks for that add on joey...I should have been more explicit. The DCCA Referance Master is what I used when I had the Haley in my system. His new Power Master may be worth checking out as well.