PC for a Running Springs Audio Haley?

I recently acquired a Running Springs Audio Haley and have been enjoying quite a bit, but I feel that it possibly needs a better pc. Right now I'm using a Virtual Dynamics power 2 pc with the Haley. One audiogoner recommended a Oyaide Tunami GPX pc for the Haley. Anyone have experience with this pc? Lately, I've been wanting to try different pc's throughout my sytem, but I feel that the Haley needs a better pc before everything else. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
Hello Bradz, The Running Springs Haley responds best with the non current limiting, non coloring Running Springs Mongoose ($600). It is intended for this unit. If this cable is a bit out of reach, our customers have found the Cardas Cross ($265) to be a good alternative. Since the Mongoose is Cardas based as well and all of the internal wiring of the Haley is of Cardas Golden Ratio, selecting it's little brother (Cardas Cross) becomes a natural second choice.
Thanks for the response Dan. I should have mentioned that the Haley has the following components plugged in: Innersound esl amp which draws 1k watts, a Cary SLP 98 pre which draws 44 watts, and a Cary 303 cdp which draws twenty something watts. So, I'm drawing around 1200 or so watts out of the Haley. Thanks.
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I have a RSA Haley and I use a Black Sand Silver Reference Mk V that is an excellent match.

Before going with the Black Sand pc, I used a VH Audio Flavor 4 and AirSine.

I directly compared the Flavor 4 with the Mongoose and greatly preferred the Flavor 4. The Mongoose sounded slow and dull by comparison.

I highly recommend you check out the Black Sand cord before spending $600 or so on the Cardas cord.

Thanks for the responses Dedicated and Zybar. Dedicated-Is the Cardas Cross a non limiting pc? Zybar- The black sand looks interesting and I plan on trying it and comparing to some other cables. I'd like to hear any more suggestions from any other audiogoner's out there using a Haley. Thanks.
I second looking at the VH Audio power cords. I only use Flavor 2 (because that's what I had around at the time when I got the Haley), but it works very well in that application (even compared to an Audience Powercords). Chris VH has a very liberal return policy so that there is little risk to take.

Bradz, finally you might want to consider going up the Running Springs line to allow for some more power headroom if you really draw close to 1600W. I am drawing certainly below 300W using my SET amps, 1600W is pretty close to the maximum rating of the Haley (1800W).

Good luck and let us know what works out for you!!
I'd like to try one of the VH flavor's, but what connections are the best? Just bought a used Black Sand Silver Reference mk.v and I'll be comparing several pc's, such as VH, Black Sands, Cardas, and my current VD. Restock- I'd rather not move up the Running Springs line as the Haley I have was bought used and am trying to save some $. Any other recommendations? Thanks.
i use the mongoose cords on my 2 jackos without any detrement... the cords are"meant " to work with these units..... have not tried any other cords.. maybe there's no need to?