PC differences

A friend of mine and myself got into a discussion of PCs (since I'm looking into getting one) He is of the school that there is no difference it just carries current, I of course disagree. Can the forum members help me with this? I admit I don't know the difference in Litz, sold or multi strand and why it creates such spectular differences. Also why is cryo treating also causing such a s buzz? I have an idea that it forces a stabialization of crystals but i need more help for that. Also for a cable to present a netural non colored difference, why do the camps differ so much between silver, high purity OFC and hybrid designs ex: silver over HP Copper, or Gold over Copper? I can understand differences in materials. And lastly why does an after market cable make such a difference? (opinion only; they ALL should be UL listed, it's an insurance saftey thing) Is due to resistance, voltage transfer or what? I know it's alot but learning is always helpful (just need it in some more simplistic terms please) Thanks to everyone.
Rsjm80, since you are obviously looking for some improvement in your system's sound, why not consider a decent power line condiotioner instead of a power cord. I am not talking about strip surge protectors, but something better, like Shunyata or PS Audio. It will provide for more improvement then a PC.

I have read positive comments concerning Elrod power cords on amplifers. Never tried one so I can not comment directly. They are expensive at least more than the PS Audio Statement Extreme. I have a UPC 200 passive conditioner with questionable discernible improvement. I bought it primarily for its surge protection capabilities as I do not believe I have any serious / audible power concerns. Maybe I would hear more of a benefit from an active conditioner such as a P500 or P1000.

Been my direction and opinion that the PS Audio line conditioners unless I went big wouldn't benefit me, would make it too bright. I only need a 2 outlet for Integrated amp/Digital front end. My changes through Ridge Street Audio Poeima Sig IC and Bright Star Audio Air MAss/Big Rock 3 have been absolutely astounding with thier difference in pace, stage and focus. I'm dead set for neutrality but with even sharper definition, quicker pace and bigger staging, hence my origional questioning as to differences. Don't get me wrong I'm greatful to have suggestions and ideas, so please don't stop.
If you are buying a power cord, better get it from a place that will take it back from you after home trial in case you feel you are not getting your money's worth. I heard it from someone who knows about audio and electronics more then all of us on this thread put together, that the point of diminishing returns is hit with power cords really quick. This is a hint that you don't need to go crazy and spend a lot of money getting a cord that makes a difference. But anyway, with the cords I have tried, I decribed the different effect each of the cords had in my system. I would be curious to know what you have experienced once you do get the upgraded cords. thanks...