PC/Conditioner question

I just picked up a new aftermarket PC for my amp, 10 AWG, good reviews, good name, etc. My plan was to then get one for my CDP (same name, 14 AWG), get a power conditioner and then get another PC (different name) for the conditioner. Right order or not I do not know, but this was my plan.

I like the PC that I got for the Amp, gives me much more dynamics, detail and soundstage. However, on some favorite CD's there is now grain in the treble, I am assuming this is just more resolution as a result of the PC (or is it digital nasties?). It does become fatiguing.

But my question is this: Will this edginess, grain,brightness whatever you call it go away via me getting these other items in place in my system? I read a review, Soundstage I think, that said most power cords get grainy due to picking up RF and EMI, yes? I am thinking that this grain will go away once I get a conditioner in place (and other cords), but I am not sure since this is my first gander into PC's. Or is this a PC matching issue and I should start to look at other PC's. Oh, dedicated lines are not an option and cannot do PS300 cost range.

As always, Thanx in advance.

Matty, can you tell if these 'grainy' cd's are recorded that way? For example, I have some favorite cd's that are 15 years old. I love 'em but the digital recording technology was not all that people were cracking it up to be back then i.e. digital hash and grain among other attributes.

So if the power cord is helping you see more into the music and/or recordings better on well recorded cd's, then you should also see just as well into the imperfections of poorly recorded cd's.

Also, keep in mind that some to many electronic products need to go thru a burn in period of time. I just received an email from a member here who had spent $1500 on a pc and thought he got ripped off, but 6 months later he said it was worth twice the price.

Unless your new PC is terminated with a 20 amp IEC, try it out on your CDP. When I started out buying PC's, that is where I got the most out of the cable upgrade. Also, I too have noticed that given an amount of time to burn-in, some do tend to sound better, others sound great right out of the box. Don't give up on them just yet. I personally do not use a power conditioner right now, but am kicking the idea around of buying one. I've read a lot of great reviews and comments about the Audio Magic Stealth conditioners.
Check out the Audio Magic Stealth. I've had it, almost six months, and love what it has done for my system. It is next to impossible to figure out, from all the adjectives, in the world, why you have a graininess. Everyone's terms are very subjective. Skip the power cords and go for the Stealth. It'll open your music, particularly your soundstage. Everything can be plugged into it. You can't go wrong with this baby. Remember, it can not improve what is inherently wrong with your system, due to other weak links. Good luck.
Brightness and grain come from a lot of sources but power cords are definitely one. There are some DIY recipes on Audio asylum whose faults are ones of ommision that really helped tame some brightness in my set up. I am currently trying an Elrod EPS-3 standard on my power amplimfiers Evo and Stratos that is making a positive effect.
The CD's sounded OK using the stock cords, one is even HDCD. This could just be the stock cord not picking up as much detail though. I have tried the cord on the CDP and the "grain" was still there. Last night one thought came to mind was use this on the conditioner and then go with two different brand PC's that are warmer for the amp and CDP.

it's possible that the enhanced resolution that you are now experiencing is due to the interconnects - you were simply not able to hear the problems until now?
Thank you for your comments. Upon further listening, I have determined, thanx to your comments, that it is NOT the PC but due to poorly recorded material and potentially the IC as well. God, this stuff amazes me, how a simple change can reveal such things. I am almost afraid to see, or I should say "hear", what happens when I add a PC to my CDP.

Hmmm... maybe if I upgrade my IC.....