PC Burn-In: IEC Adaptor from Radio Shack?

Someone here stated Radio Shack carries an IEC to wall receptacle converter. I searched forums, but couldn't find the thread.

I can't find it Shack on line and Cust Service knows nothing.

Sidenote: Do Power Cords really need that much burn in? They don't carry signal, so dielectric burn in may not be an issue.
VH Audio I think sells one.

Thanks, but I don't want to pay VH $30 per adaptor for something that should be a few bucks.
If Radioshack doesn't have it, most electronics parts stores or larger computer stores should. If you want a model #, try Startech.com

1 Ft. Monitor Power Adapter Model PAC100

It is a standard 3 prong female to male IEC adapter

And the answer is yes, it will work. Even on cords that you think are fully broken in. Use your refrigerator, not a computer monitor or box fan, your refrigerator. Stick it on the fridge and leave it for a couple of weeks.
The Startech cord you suggested is not the correct thing. It has the male IEC end, but it has a female AC end, not a male end. Startech does not have the correct adaptor.
Take a look at www.stayonline.com where the adapters can be had for $3 each. Shipping should be around $6 though.

IEC C14 to NEMA 5-15R Adapter

Also the adapters are only $12.99 on Chris' VH audio website and he is a really nice person to deal with. His powercords are very good value for money.

Good luck.

If you want to burn power cords in, the Startech IS the right adapter if you are talking about burning in a power cord. I've used it. Male from fridge to female AC end of adapter, Male IEC from adapter to female IEC of your power cord, power cord plugged into AC receptacle.
Hdm, I just looked at the Startech and I agree with you that it it the correct one. It has the same connections as the stayonline adapter, exept that it uses a cable in between and costs slightly more :)
I actually just looked at the Startech site (had not looked at it before). That adapter should be available much below the MSRP; I purchased mine in Canada for $4.99 which is half the $9.99 Cnd on the site. Should be readily available in the U.S. at around $3-$4. I also own the VH adapter as well but it is around 5X the price when you factor shipping in and does exactly the same thing.
Thanks, guys. It's stupid that all these companies will not ship USPS regular mail, only UPS or Fedex, and you have to pay $6 to ship a $3 item that weighs 1/2 ounce.