PC based analyzer

I have hobbled along with my Ratshack spl meter, a tone generator/frequency counter and It's time for an upgrade.OK, I have a PC with windows 98 ( I maybe upgrading soon,maybe ).I know tons about audio and little about the PC.Where does the mike go? What is a good mic for this type of work? Go slooooooow.You can't over explain anything to a person of little knowledge.Thanx
Take a look at ETF, assuming that you are concerned with room/speaker acoustics. Helpful website and excellent product.

I agree with Kal. We, and all of our authorized dealers use ETF. We manufacture 2 test kits, a professional one for our dealers, and a standard one for enthusiasts. It has the microphone, pre-amp, cables, software and carry case. This might be the type of thing you are looking for, it can be found on our software page.
OK, so I down loaded the demo program and here is were I am at.My sound card accepts eighth inch jacks for a mic.Is this correct and can I still use my Rolls tone generator with the freq. counter or am I missing something?
You have to have line in. Mic in will not work. If you only have mic in you will need an external sound card. There are a few USB based ones that are good. We sell a very high end one by ESI for our professional kit ($300), but there are ones that are just as good as your internal one, perhaps better for $40 by Creative.
OK, so the line in is for the mic ? And the line out is to run to the processor ? Then when I tell the PC to run a low freq. sweep or what ever test the program has on it the tone generator and PC are in sync.Can't be this simple can it ?
It's that simple. Keep in mind line out should got to a pre-amp input. Don't send it to something that's going to get processed--just attenuated.
It will go to my EAD Ovation-8,which is my hometheater processor.I'm thinking that it will go to one of my analog inputs.What mics do you guys recommend.
We sell and recommend an electret condensor microphone we import from Germany. It's $250, very flat and accuarate for these types of measurements.

What you will need to do with the EAD ovation is plug into one of the stereo analog inputs. Set the Ovation to stereo--no processing. Then on the output of that same channel, switch the connection to each amplifier/speaker combination manually. This will allow you to measure and calibrate each speaker independently. The one exception is the LFE. You should do this in the same manner. However, if you have multiple subs, they should all be connected and on and calibrated together. This may sound complicated, but it really isn't. If you need more assistance it might be easiest to call us.