PC audio with S/pdif input only

Ok, I am really in the dark when it comes to computer audio....

What I want to do is have the ability to run Itunes, pandora, internet radio etc. through my Simaudio Andromeda. The Andromeda only has the S/PDIF digital input. My goal is to run a digital signal only into this connection and let the DAC's inside the player do the thinking. Not too difficult I don't think but I just don't know where to start.

It sure would be nice to do this wireless....... don't know if that is an option.

I have an imac with the airport extreme running wifi throughout the house but I was thinking of getting a laptop to do the computer audio in my listening room. From what I understand I could get an airport express and plug into this room extending the wireless.

Other option is just a short cable from a laptop but most new laptops seem to be usb?? Do they make a converter for usb to S/PDIF.

Is the S/PDIF connection capable of extracting the bit rates to make it worth my while i.e. close to cd quality??

Does your DAC have a toslink optical input?

It seems like all you need is an Apple AirPort Express (APE). The APE has an optical digital output, which means that you'll need a "mini toslink" cable. Since you use an iMac, iTunes and AirPort Extreme, it should be a simple setup. By adding the APE you will be able to stream iTunes and other AirPlay applications.

There are 3 cable manufactures that make high quality "mini optical" cables:
1. Lifatec Silflex
2. WireWorld SuperNova 6
3. VanDenHul Opticoupler

Let me know if you have any questions or need help.
It looks like your player/DAC only has coaxial. The APE doesn't have a coaxial output, so you would need a coaxial-to-optical adaptor, which I don't care too much for. I recommend staying away from adaptors if you can.

You might want to have a look at the Sonos system. It allows iTunes integration and has a coaxial output. The controller options are flexible and relaible.

If you do it correctly, you'll discover that streaming high quality music files into a DAC can rival the performance of expensive CD transports.
I use Airport Express with my Mac Mini and Benchmark DAC1. There are two issues with Airport Express
- it is limited to 16 bit
- it looses clock between songs making some DACs skipping first second of next song (time to sync). Benchmark doesn't do that (syncs fast).

If you can run 802.11n that would be better since 2.4GHz is pretty noisy (my microwave oven has exactly the same frequency as one of the channels interrupting music when set to this channel).
Yes coaxial input only... I found a USB to spdif converter- hageman? Anyone have any thoughts on that? I would have to run a wire from the laptop but it seems like a decent solution.
The Hagerman HagUSB is a great converter and one that I recommend.

Note: You'll need to connect the HagUSB directly to your Mac. The AirPort Express has an USB port, but it does not transmit audio. It's used as a print server for USB printers.
Laptop-USB-M2Tech Hiface-digital coax cable. Cost$200.
You could just use the airport express and then a converter to coaxial. I'm not had problems but there are sync issues sometimes as mentioned.

Monarchy audio has a converter that I have used that also reclocks, reduces jitter, and upsamples to 24/96.
Get a Squeezebox Touch. You can connect it by wireless or by Ethernet cable to either the iMac or a PC and to the Sim by coax. See: http://www.stereophile.com/computeraudio//logitech_squeezebox_touch_network_music_player/

Thanks everyone!!