PC Audio recording from external digital source using PC Software/Sound Forge



I am attempting to record from pro audio DJ equipment using LR to 3.5 mm jack cable into a laptop that runs Soundforge 10 or something.  This has worked before, but i installed a new SSD drive and a new windows 10 install and i no longer had SF10 or the settings necessary to record from the audio imput 3.5 mm jack.  im pulling my hair out at this point on all the little settings in both sound forge and windows.  


Please help!!



I'm not sure what your question is.  Soundforge is not part of Windows 10 system.  You would have to go buy the Soundforge software to install on your new Windows 10 SSD.  Alternatively, you can download a free DAW of your choice:



If you want Soundforge 10, they are available on ebay "new in box" for around $20-30 dollars.  Soundforge 12 is about $85.

I would stick with buying a Sound Forge package it's one of the very best out there and so easy to use.