PC audio output via USB

Im using my PC as a source feeding FLAC files to a USB DAC. The usb dac upsamples to 192khz but it shows the incoming signal to be at 44.1 khz. Can a higher rate, say 92khz be outputed by the PC. I am running windows 7 using mediamonkey. Thanks!
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The files bit rate is the files bit rate, unless you are asking if your pc can upconvert in front of the DAC. I haven't seen up converting onboard sound cards stock, but they are available aftermarket. I doubt there would be a sonic benefit if you are using a decent DAC, your file will still be @ 16/44.1 and your DAC needs to do its job.
I don't know about media monkey, but foobar and jrivers will both show what rate your file is playing at.
I'm sorry that I forgot to mention, you can certainly download 24 bit files @ 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192
I have all bit and sample rates downloaded in Wav or Flac. Your DAC will need to be compatiple to play, some DACs won't play above 96K.
First, I would recommend that you use dbpoweramp to convert one of your FLAC files to .wav and then compare these.

Then, in the long-run get a Mac Mini and leave the PC behind. Much better SQ IME.

Your PC can output 24/192 with the right USB interface. This usually requires a special driver.

Steve N.
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Thanks Steve,
Right now I am using a very inexpensive 24/192 solution, ok cheap. Musiland Monitor 02US with an Audioquest Cinnamon USB. I've had a few friends come over, one with a MAC and the other with a SB touch both with inexpensive DAC solutions, I'm thinking one was Appogee and the other was Audinst?
I have a dual core pc with 6gb ram Win7 64 using foobar 2000 outputing wasapi mode using their latest driver.
Neither was close to my PC solution...
Question will DBpoweramp convert Hi Res files from the likes of HD Tracks from Flac to WAV? There is no doubt that the few files that I have in Flac and Wav that Wav sounds better. My next step was to do only a slight upgrade to the DAC, either a MF VDAC II or A Schiit BiFrost w/USB. I appreciate your thoughts.