PC Audio 2.1 upgrade recommendations

Hi, This is my first time posting here on Audiogon, and just wanted to ask you the experts for a recommendation for my next upgrade. Here is my current desktop PC audio setup...

DAC - Schiit Modi
AMP - Topping TP40 (25x2)
SPEAKERS - Traid InRoom Mini HT (now called InRoom Bronze)
SUB - JL Audio E-110
AudioQuest interconnects for every piece, including power cables.

What I would like is a more powerful, cleaner integrated amp, I get a lot of distortion with my current amp, because of the low power and high volume required at times. I definitely want something to fit on my desktop, so small size would be nice, but not necessary. Also pre-outs will be needed to drive my sub.

I was looking at the Emotiva Mini-x-a-100 as well as more robust separates that I can find used, like a Anthem AVM and a cheap Emotiva amp but I am not sure what would be great for my setup.

Thanks for your help!
Don't remember models, but Teac has a couple out, it seems to me one could be had for like $300, uses Abletec class d modules...Sorry, not sure about Pre outs. Good Luck, Tim
Looked it up, selling on FleaBay for $249, includes a DAC and does have a sub out.
I will check Teac out, thanks for the suggestion. Right now I am still weighing my options with Emotiva.
Keep it simple if you can. Less is more.

Get a used DAC/Headphone Amp that will also work as a preamp (ie. Benchmark, Matrix, Emotiva, etc.)...use its balanced outputs into balanced inputs of powered studio monitors. If you go big on the monitors, you may not need a sub.

However, you would have to sell some gear but it is decent stuff so that should be easy enough. The new DAC would be $200-600 used and Yamaha HS8 are about $700/pair new.
Qinpu A-6000 integrated on amazon. Lovely sound integrated. Cheap.