PC and isolation device for Linn Classik

Hi everyone. I'm shopping around for a power cord and isolation devices for a Linn Classik (hooked up to a pair of Linn Keilidhs w/ Linn K20 speaker cables). Any suggestions? I'd be most interested in hearing from those who own or have owned a Linn Classik. What kind of PCs and/or isolation devices you've used it with and what were the results. Thanks for your input.

I honestly don't believe you will get much bang for the buck with the power cord. If the Classic has the Brilliant Power Supply like my Linn separates then it's a waste of money for sure. I don't know about isolation since I don't have a CDP. FWIW, save your money and go Aktiv with the Keilidhs. You won't be disappointed. Contact me directly if you would like to discuss this further.

Hi, I own two Classik-K. For isolation I use Vibrapod Model
#2 isolation feet. For power cord I use PS Audio Prelude power cord. The IEC connector fit tight on the unit, they do
make a change (Classik use a toroidal power supply). Cables
with the Wattagate, hubble or marinco connectors don't fit tight on the Linn's connector. Hope this helps. Hector
Mephisto, 1) It would seem to me that if you had the right power cable, it would not matter what component you connected the pc to.

2) Very puzzling that you produced such a nice review on the Sistrum rack (which adheres to the 'mechanical transfer to ground of air-borne vibrations and resonance' methodology, but then you jump the fence to the vibration isolation and dampening methodology when it comes to the Linn Classik.

If the Sistrum truly does what you claim(I believe it does), then why would you settle for anything less for your Linn Classic?


For personnal reasons I completely dismantled my previous system, including the Sistrum rack. I'll now have to live with a much cheaper system, i.e. the Linn Classik/Keilidh combo. Given the retail price of this system, it would be plain overkill to buy a $1000 rack to go with it (or even a $500 one). If the Sistrum rack had its place in my previous system it no longer does in this one. Having now dramatically downgraded the components in my system I'm certainly not willing to start spending huge amounts of money on isolation devices or power cords. I'm seeking suggestions which are in line with the pricing and performance of the Linn combo.
I have 2 Linns with toroidals (lk280 and majik) and 2 with Brilliant SPS's (wakonda and karik), plus a Lingo, and my experience is, like Lugnut's, that the SPS is very little affected by power cords. I do use subaruguru's belden cord on the karik, which is worthwhile on a price/performance basis, but not dramatic. The amps, though, do respond to cords. I tried a few price-appropriate cords, and can recommend especially the Sonic Horizon Daybreak. Lower noise and better separation of instruments, and cheap. Never tried subaraguru's cord on the amps. I have also always gotten improvements from linn amps and cdp's with Audiopoints. Smoother, more extended highs, wider soundstage, better placement within it. Both tweaks together are well shy of $300.