PC and Interconnects w/Exemplar 3910

Currently using Signal Cables PC and Silver interconnects, want some thoghts on trial and error of folks
I am using the Acoustic Zen Cables--the top of their line in both interconnects and cables. I am using single ended audio cables, and like them quite a bit.
I have compared them to Kimber Kables Select, both fine products.
The AZ seems to be more 'organic' less processed sounding than the Kimber, and though it is reasonably close, I always prefer the Acoustic Zen. The A Z Cables with the Exemplar are quite revealing of source. That particular player is VERY good in both the audio and video side of things.
The stock tubes (to wander off subject) are really VERY good.
I did a presentation for the Connecticut Audiophile Society, using my personal Exemplar and the group seemed to like the sound VERY much--I know I do, with imaging and soundstage, first rate--smooth yet detailed, with the A Z.
Hope this gives you at least one look at a comparison.
My standard response(and I use both the Signal Cable Silver Resolution interconnects{concurrently with the Oritek X-2's} and speaker cable) is the Oritek X-2 interconnects.
I liked the VD Nite 11, and Pinch Waist E180CC mullards
Since I use both your interconnects and speaker cable, my advice may(or may not) be pertinent to your situation. It may take some time, but I will be putting in a fully-kitted Linn(circa 1992-with Mana Sound Table), along with my Ariston. My current intentions(It would only require one interconnect.)are to use Oritek X-2's as my interconnect. Don't hold your breathe on this though(It might take some time.).