PBS's Wired Science "Analog vs. Digital".

The PBS science show "Wired Science" has a segment on "Analog vs. Digital; Which sounds better?" on this weeks episode (#106 I think).

I think the promo states it as - "Can analog sound as good as digital?".

Might be interesting.

Jim S.
thanks for the heads up sounds interesting

Are you on Warner Cable? When does the eposode air? I'm trying to record it via DVR, but the only eposodes I find are ""Perflourocarbons and attempts to create blood" on CET 4 times on Saturday.


On PBS? I'm surprised that they don't debate which creates more "global warming"!
Hey Tom,

It shows up on CET's schedule several times. Wed. at 8:00PM and Friday at 9:00PM. Also a bunch of odd times throughout the week.


This is the link to local listings and the title of the show is "Peak-Water Crisis in the Southwest". The Analog vs. Digital is a segment.

I'm curious about the perspective from outside these communities. It looks like it is a "live" recording done 2 ways, 1 on reel to reel, and 1 via AD / DA listened to by the artist to see if she can tell them apart. Could be an interesting conversation starter, or a non-starter,. Who knows?

Still planning on the listening to the Jansen's (spelling?) the upcoming weekend? If I get past the flu I would love to go. Won't commit 'till I'm sure that I am past it.

Jim S.

Thanks for the program schedule. Yep, I'm going to the Janszen demo. Hope you get over the flu. My 4 year old had a bug last week. Doctor said it was going around town. 102-104 degree fever for 5-6 days. Hopefully you'll be OK to come out and hear the speakers.



Yeh, that is next weeks segment. Is digital (or analog) worth the effects on the climate? Probably a toss up. Personally, I think it (global warming) is the methane.

Probably a so-what, but I thought some might be curious. I am.

There's no shortage of "methane" on PBS!