PBN Montana XPS sig speakers

Anyone have thoughts on these speakers? 

Hi tooth2th
I own a pair of the original PBN eps. They are very well made, i use them now in my HT system. Give Peter a call at PBN or e-mail him and he will answer all your questions honestly. He is a old world craftsman when it comes to building speakers and electronics. He will treat you right if you buy his speakers or not.
Enjoy Pete 

Instead of starting a new discussion, why don't you re-visit the thread you started on 02/26 - same exact title/same forum? Not trying to be snarky, but a little more effort on your part keeping track of your own discussions might be a good idea.
the lack of response is why I reposted. Still no responses.

Hmm. I see 3 separate posts other than yours. Could be a problem with your Browser. I tied to log-in using Chrome to respond but I could not get to the log-in screen. I then used MS Edge so if you are using Chrome, there may be something going on but I don’t know enough about computers to help other than try clearing your cache. You did get some replies so the thread wasn’t ignored.