Pbn Montana XPS sig speakers

Anyone heard and have an opinion of the PBN Montana XPS sig speakers? Have Goldenear Triton 1's powered by Mcintosh c2500 preamp and Mc 302 amp.

Great sounding speakers, excellent build quality,  and a steal at their used prices.  Your amp should be a perfect match for them.  I think PBN speakers are up there with the best of the best speakers.  For whatever reason they seem to fly under the radar these days.  And I dont know why they go for so little on the used market, other than they are large speakers. If you are buying used, there is nothing IMHO that can touch them.  They are a very musical speaker, with a slightly forward presentation, but with bass and dynamics like no other.
Why do you want to replace your Triton Ones?
Just trying to get feedback if anyone has experience with the Montana's. Love the Triton 1's.

I have owned the XP, which is a slightly smaller, older version of the XPS sigs, for over 10 years. The XPS sigs have upgraded components too. The XP is a great speaker and sounds best feeding them lots of power. Very dynamic, good detail. I used them along with a PBN center in a 3.1 HT setting in my last two homes.

Alas, they now are sitting in crates because I moved and they are too visually dominating for my wife in our current living room where Ohm Walsh 5000 speakers now reside. The XP/XPS sigs are large and heavy speakers. Actually they are large, heavy, and beautiful pieces of furniture too.