PBN Audio Montana EPS2's

I stumbled across a couple of reviews on this speaker when looking for a full range, musical speaker. Anyone have experience on how this speaker compares to Reimer Tetons, Salon 2, or Von's?
Very good sounding speakers. Compares favorably to most any VS speaker below 10K. However, I do fancy the DB99 when you can find it. Don't know about the Tetons, but I did own the McCulloughs briefly and didn't exactly warm up to them.


I'm with you. Looking for an upgrade to my Vandersteen 3A Signatures. I'm considering the PBN EPS2, VSA VR4SR MKII, and the Vandersteen Quatro. I may also consider the new NSR Sonic research D3, but haven't heard any of these yet. I listen to rock, blues, jazz, and classical music, but like to crank them up on occasion. I appreciate a fast, tight, deep and powerful low end along with a non fatiguing top-end. I'm using a CJ CT-5 preamp with a Spectron Premiere 7 power (HT/2ch combined)amp all tied together with Transparent Ultra MM2 cables. This sytem sounds better than it ever has, but I would like a bigger, more powerful sound when played loud.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.